In addition to our own machines, we are exclusive distributors of systems and products of well-known manufacturers in the rubber, plastics and cable industries in Germany respectively Europe.

Quality & Competence since 1959

Trendsetter for 65 years

Presence in more than 60 countries



Our distribution program


  • Band granulators, transport and pulverization systems
  • Horizontal splitting machines for rubber and plastic
  • Cutting machines for production of sealing rings from pipes and hoses
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  • Machines and systems to connect rubber and silicone profiles as well as tools
  • Supply of rubber film 0,25 – 0,5 mm


  • Sigma and Z-kneaders, granulating systems, turbo mixers, high-speed mixers, vacuum dryers, planetary mixers and twin-screw extruders, rolling mills, extruders for silicone processing


  • Mixing technology for chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, rubber and plastics
  • A subsidiary of the Battaggion company group


  • Mixing equipment and systems for mixing in the industrial sector
  • A subsidiary of the Battaggion company group

H.W. Wallace & Co Limited

  • Wallace has been designing and supplying materials testing equipment to the rubber and polymer industry laboratories since the early 1950s for evaluating physical properties such as hardness, hardening, compression, plasticity, viscosity, etc.
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Fontijne Presses

Development and production of high-quality hydraulic laboratory plate presses

F.lli MARIS S.p.A.

For more than 60 years, Maris has been a leading manufacturer of co-rotating twin-screw extruders for mixing plastics and rubber.

Development and production in the area of compounding and extrusion.

Co-rotating twin screw extruders, laboratory extruders and extrusion technology
Areas of application: masterbatches, compounding, adhesives, rubber, reactive extrusion, biomaterials, biaxially oriented films
Recycling plastic and de-vulcanizing rubber
High levels of vertical integration and in-house development with a technology center ensure quality and know-how

Barwell Global Ltd

  • Design, manufacture and supply of high quality and versatile rubber processing machinery
  • Selection of different product methods such as compression, transfer and injection
  • Extruders, cutting machines, deburring machines, rubber compression machines, complete rubber production lines


IMG covers the entire injection and compression molding sector of elastomers and thermosets for the most demanding manufacturers.
More than 14 different machine models, including fully electric.

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Write to us by using the contact form or call us. We are happy to advise you.

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