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In 1996, we introduced the new generation of powder coating machines in the market by presenting the follow-up model of the RS 80. The machines are unchanged to date, except some minor modifications in 2004 in the filter system. Since then, the RS POWDERTECH powder coating machines type PBA / RSC from ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH stands for world-leading technology in this segment.

We are constantly interested in innovations and improvements to support your production needs through our machines. But we also do not want to jump immediately on every trend and unnecessarily question proven and reliable.

Based on our experience in the market in your production facilities, in combination with our research on filter systems and electrostatics as key components of our successful PBA/ RSC machine, we have noticed improvements that we do not want to withhold from you. That is why we are incorporating these improvements into the next generation of our machines, the RSC NG.

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of RSC NG in week 11/2019, in time for our 60th anniversary.

In addition to a new filter system and improved electrostatics, some other minor changes will be incorporated. The adjustments will contribute to improved powder result, better handling, and ease of maintenance.

The new filter system shows significantly better cleaning results and has been designed to provide longer service life, as well as simpler, faster and cheaper maintenance. Spare parts costs are reduced.

The new e-statics are state-of-the-art in surface coating technology and show a reduction in wear parts in the gun and cascade.

As in the past, we have put a lot of emphasis on durability. It is of course also possible to convert your existing machines to both the latest generation of e-statics and the new filter system.

Thus, the RS POWDERTECH type RSC NG will be able to ensure even more reliable and cheaper lifecycle of your production.

Get an offer still today for the new RSC NG.

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L. Bochmann                                                          H. Heynen
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