Powder coating machine RS POWDERTECH – model RSC-NG

We are very pleased to present at the K 2019, in time for our 60th anniversary, the newest generation of our RS POWDERTECH powder coating machine, model RSC-NG.

The RS POWDERTECH powder coating machine, type RSC-NG, has been designed for even, finely dosed and absolutely dust-free powdering of hoses and profiles, strips and cables up to a diameter of 200 mm. Different powders such as talc, stearate, lacquer powder, swelling powder, graphite etc. can be used.

In addition to a newly developed filter system and a completely new electrostatic system, a few other small improvements have been incorporated. The modifications will contribute to improved powder result, better handling, ease of maintenance and lower maintenance costs.

The new filter system shows significantly better results in cleaning and has been designed to get both longer service lives, as well as a simpler and thus faster and more cost-effective execution of the maintenance result. Spare parts costs are reduced.

The new e-static is a completely new development and corresponds to the state-of-the-art in surface coating technology. It shows a reduction in wear parts in the gun and a longer life of the cascade and continuously high voltage and thus reliable load without losses. The cascade is designed so that full power is available on two pistols.

As in the past, we have put a lot of emphasis on longevity. Therefore, it is of course also possible to convert your existing machines to both the latest generation of e-statics and the new filter system.

Thus, the RS POWDERTECH type RSC NG will be able to ensure even more reliable and cheaper lifecycle of your production.

Of course, we are happy to answer your questions personally.

Visit us during K 2019 in Duesseldorf, 16 – 23 October in hall 3 / stand A35. We will show the machine on our stand in operation with powder.