Valmet is a global supplier of sustainable technology and services to the mining, construction, power generation automation, recycling, and pulp and paper industries.
Valmet’s cable pulling belts, in addition to optimal frictional resistance and first-class wear and heat resistance, have exact tolerances and ensure a flawless cable tensioning process.
Expensive downtime in production can be minimized and exact tolerances prevent slippage that impairs production.

Valmet’s cable pulling belts – the reliable link in cable production

  • Risk-free – durable under the most demanding operating conditions
  • Production efficient – good wear resistance, long belt replacement intervals
  • Years of operational reliability

Valmet customized cable pulling belts – for a stable production process, as endless product and for high production speed.

Valmet’s belt products perform outstandingly at process temperatures up to +120°C. They are available in lengths up to 16 meters, widths up to 250 mm and thicknesses from 8-25 mm.

The cable pulling belts have been manufactured since the 1970s, originally as part of Nokia Rubber Industry. Production continued for the next decades under different owners. Since 2010, Valmet has manufactured and developed the durable VetoBelt products for global cable machine suppliers, various cable production facilities and different cable types.

Valmet’s proven VetoBelt products are available in three different hardness’s:

  1. the soft VetoBelts 50 RSB are suitable for tracked machines.
  2. medium-hard VetoBelts 60 RTX, PETX and DTX can be used for tracked and wind-up production lines.
  3. hard VetoBelts 70 RKP the preferred option for tracked machines.

As components for new equipment and as spare parts, Valmet manufactures all these belts in their production line according to our customers’ size and material specifications.

Just to name a few references:
NOKIA • Remax Kunststofftechnik • Deguma-Schütz GmbH • Stolberger Maschinenfabrik GmbH • HPP-Hahn Plastics Processing GmbH & Co. KG • EXTRUDEX Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH • AKMA Maschinen- und Anlagenbau • A. Knorr GmbH • GRAEWE GmbH • MAILLEFER Extrusion Oy • SAMP SISTEMI SAMP S.r.l.

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