The TALKATOR “SPC” series for cables, hoses, wires and profiles is settled below the RSC NG line and shows its strength in slow running, simple cable production as well as in the production of strands and profiles in the extrusion sequence in the rubber industry. Especially in the rubber industry the TALKATOR has significant cost advantages, as the processes run at low speeds. This is made possible by the application of the RS AirStreamTechnology, which avoids expensive brush solutions in most applications, but still provides very good coating results.

The powdering is done by 1-2 AST powder guns connected to up to two jet pumps. The newly developed coating technology RS AirStreamTechnology is able to achieve a very fine and even coating on the product at production speeds of up to 100 m/min, even without electrostatics.

The TALKATOR NG DR (drum roll) is used in the powdering of rubber molded parts or within the granule production. Very good and fine coatings are achieved. As with the PBA/RSC/RSC NG, which has been successful for many years, the use of the newly developed RS filter system ensures a dust-free powdering.

There are cost advantages in your production, since the system can be integrated online into the continuous manufacturing process. Time-consuming manual powdering processes are no longer necessary.