In these troubled times, many companies strive to keep their operations in calm waters despite all adversities or to bring them back there.

If a machine for a certain process stops because of damage, either the damage must be repaired quickly or a replacement machine must be purchased.

Faithfull to the law of nature that there is never a suitable time for a machine failure, availability is always the focus of a replacement machine in addition to the specification and price.

New machines are not always available quickly enough, so the failure of the existing system can have further serious consequences: time delays, loss of orders, higher costs due to additional special shifts, contractual penalties, etc.

The acquisition of a suitable used machine offers an attractive solution here.

The advantages:

a) rapid availability of the system,
b) favorable purchase prices.

With the same budget, the purchase of more powerful systems, possible additional equipment, etc. can also be considered.

Of course, some aspects should be taken into account in order to enable the smoothest possible implementation of such a purchase.

This includes:

a) A precise description of the machine you are looking for (brand, performance data, age, location).
b) Does the offered machine meet the legal standards (CE marking, relevant standards).
c) Can the machine be inspected? In times of Corona a virtual tour by video may also be possible.
d) Is it a well-known manufacturer (spare parts supply)?

Last but not least, a potential buyer should look at the supplier of a used machine. A well-known company with a solid background, which has been active in the used machinery sector for decades, offers an increased level of security when processing a purchase.

Contact person for used machines:

USD Gebrauchtmaschinen für Gummi und Kunststoff GmbH
Erich Metzler
Phone +49 4533 6063-352