Technically reliable cable pulling belts

In addition to optimal frictional resistance and first-class wear and heat resistance, Valmet cable pulling tapes also have exact tolerances. The optimal frictional resistance and the first-class wear and heat resistance of the VetoBelt products ensure an error-free cable pulling process, which minimizes expensive downtimes. Their exact tolerances prevent production-impeding belt slippage. Since they have no transitions and a grinded surface, the VetoBelt products perform flawlessly in continuous cable production. Because of the durable materials, Valmet belts withstand the extreme conditions and temperatures of a high-performance process.

Valmet cable pulling belts – the reliable link in cable production

  • Risk-free: durable under the most demanding operating conditions
  • Production efficiency: good wear resistance, long belt change intervals
  • Years of operational reliability
  • Maximum drive stability


Valmet cable pulling belts
Decades of experience in cable belt technology.

Valmet offers reliable VetoBelt rubber products for cable production. In addition to exact tolerances, cable manufacturers and cable machine suppliers need extremely durable cable pulling belts for their high-performance production. Valmet is the right choice for maximum drive stability for these highly fragile processes.


Durable Valmet belts for cable production

Valmet manufactures high quality cable pulling belts needed for power cable production. These cable pulling belts are known for their reliability under the highly sensitive conditions of cable production. Valmet cable pulling belts are designed for caterpillars and pull-off devices that produce various types of electrical cables. These cables are essential to ensure the availability of power grids – to keep society’s service network running smoothly. As the lifeline of the infrastructure, the cables produced must be of first-class quality and safety. The process conditions of continuous cable production are very demanding and vulnarable to breakdowns. Therefore, cable machine suppliers and operators strive to eliminate all malfunctions and only allow reliable components for their production lines. Cable pulling belts must function reliably and not, for example, pose a risk to the finished cables touching the sides of the conveyor. Valmet is a reliable supplier of first-class cable pulling belts for the machines and spare parts needs of global customers. Customised cable pulling belts – a stable process. Valmet reliable cable pulling belts consist of many layers and their base material is either NR or SBR rubber. We supply the tapes as a continuous product according to our customers’ size and specifications. Thanks to the flat grinding, the belts are suitable for high production speeds. Valmet belt products perform excellently at process temperatures up to +120°C. They are available in lengths of up to 16 metres, widths of up to 250 mm and thicknesses of 8-25 mm. On request, they can be equipped with additional reinforcing layers: rayon cord, aramid cord or polyester fabric.

Decades of experience guarantee quality. The cable pulling bands have been manufactured since the seventies, originally as part of Nokia Rubber Industry. Production continued over the next decades under different owners. During all these decades, we have manufactured the durable VetoBelt products for global cable machine suppliers, various cable production plants and different types of cables. With their long experience and product expertise, Valmet’s professionals support their global customers’ cable operations with proven products and flexible service.


Proven VetoBelt products

The proven VetoBelt products from Valmet are available in three different hardnesses. The soft VetoBelts 50 RSB are suitable for tracked machines. The medium-hard VetoBelt 60 RTX, PETX and DTX can be used for tracked and wind-up production lines, while the hard VetoBelt 70 RKP are the preferred option for tracked machines. As components for new lines and as spare parts, all these belts are manufactured in the production facility according to customers’ size and material specifications.